Spellbound bug tracker

if you find a bug or want to review the game, say so here :smiley:
link to game

i noticed you can double jump on the Side of some blocks you can fix that by turning it so the jump script will only trigger when on bottom :+1:
Overall good job so far

that was a accident, but I really like it. I’m probably gonna keep it. Thanks anyway!

its very fun the little guy is a lil slow but it’s not too much of a problem…well if you jump against a wall you get stuck… also arrow keys might not be the best choice of movement controls but still good the character art is great as well overall great job

thanks! I’ll make him a little faster

and yeah, ive been thinking about changing jump to space, but do you think a&d would be better? or maybe keep left arrow & right arrow for movement, but change jump to space?

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ill just add em all :smiley:

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