spikes appearing and disappearing

in my game, i want the “boss platform” to have spikes randomly appear on one of them, disappear, and repeat the process. How do i do that? https://flowlab.io/game/view/1413734

i might help you on it do you want a demo?
i can try

@USERNAME55 do u want a demo

sorry, i went to sleep so i didn’t see your comment. I would like a demo. thanks

Do this in the platforms and this in the spikes object.
If you want the spikes to be random, let me know and I’ll send another screenshot.

Platforms: (Timer set to repeat forever).

Spikes: (Timer set to 2)

i would like it to be random. thanks

Sure, set the the Random with Min: 10 (1 second) and Max: 50 (5 seconds)


ok, thanks for the help

here there my example:

work out how to do the behaviors
and the spikes

you can make them faster or slower if you want

i am useless once again…

well not with me


hey @USERNAME55 I also have a video on that though the spikes appear and disappear in one place. the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdX72KCBxAA feel free to SUBSCRIBE! I have a lot more videos on there and will have more useful videos come out. this