splash2018 new 2020 dev team flow-kitties

i have used flowlab for about 2 years so im pretty good at behaveyers and some what good at art and iddyas so i coold be ENG DSGN and one of the artists but that dose not mean i wownt let any one els. link to a vivio that explanes youtube.com/watch?v=-EJP-I30iWY . the theam is of cors cats. this post is badly speled but thats cuz it is a lazy post the games will NOT be like this. my games are a mess but all clean it up soon. DO NOT THINK THAT MEANS I’M BAD AT FLOWLAB.

forgot to mention i thot of a game releas sestome

this was going to be a coment bu ifigored out i didint need to

Maybe work on your spelling…?
Hello, I am meburningslime, a 6-year long time user of flowlab. I would love to help you make games!

OK. agen i was just to laze to use spel check. all invite you.

then can we start a game tomaro. i we shood make a game about a cat that is smarter than a human. maby eaven 900 iq and uses advansed tech.

how good are you at each thing.

I am extremely advanced in programming and decent in sprites.

how come your thing says joined 2017 did your ariginal acount get delleeted hacked or replaced or is it an alt acount. how good ar you at eech thing.

oops i just remebered i deleeted some of my coments aka sentinsise about my team i gave you an invite just in case you did not read them and agen just in case you did not read them i was just lazy.

I resubscribed my pay account on 2017.

i want to make an anime stile game about a 900 times the the avrege 100 iq of a human cat that has machines of centry after next and saves the multivers that one will probobly not take that long if it is the main pojeced but it will still take kinde of long but it dose not have to be.

The average person has 80 iq…

oh i thot iq mant % of averge iq i always thot that that sownded kinde of like a fake peridox.

the akount makes sens but mine says when i got free adition not when i got indi adition.

the acount makes sens but mine says when i got my free aition no when i go my indi adition

thanks for the copy cuz i do not nowe how to repost in edit mode

Ok. Np

how come this post has your profile and two of your posts have mine

oh i fixed this one by aksidint probly a glich.