Splatoon 2 need help

it doesnt say it anywhere

say what?

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it doesn’t say it anywhere

okay check your games now.

its still not there!!!

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i see it now !!!

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do you want the game to be top-down or platformer?

platformer would be easier

ill work on it but just go make 8 characters 4 of them blue and the other 4 orange.


and place them on the cover


Splatoon 2 sound’s like a good idea. Is it going to be 2 player, or just one.
Could I help? Me and Hihilogic were working on the pokemon thing, but he isnt responding, so i have time.

okay sure, ill add you.

okay check your games for the invite.

Thanks, that sounds good!

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I know how to make a Raycasting engine, but I haven’t figured out enemies yet. Could use it to make it more like Splatoon

Nice! @ShodowGaming, I have made a new start level, do you like it better?

hold on a sec.

and thanks but this isnt going to be in first person.