Sprite-Editing Bug/Glitch

This is a bug that is consistently affecting me and I’m fed up with it. Let us say I made a sprite that is a grid 2x1. When I leave my game, and come back so I can edit it some more, the sprite converts back to a 1x1, and I’ll have to remake the sprite. It’s very annoying to put up with, and it has been affecting me since I joined. I’m reporting now since it has affected me more now that my I’m designing my sprites on a larger scale.

Your base sprite or your animation? Also, you are hitting the play button to save, right?

i am getting the same glitch sometimes. pls fix

Is there a specific set of steps to reproduce this?

Never encountered this.

Alright, to answer everyone’s response: It affects the base sprite, animation will stay perfectly put. There isn’t exactly a way to reproduce this, as it’ll happen occasionally. I always press the play button, and it’ll still happen.

Maybe it just failed to save? I don’t know, I didn’t make flowlab :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really weird. I can’t remember right this minute the name of this free screen recorder, but if you have time, you should record your screen and upload the video on YouTube, since you say that there isn’t a good way to reproduce it, at least if we see it on video, then we will know exactly how it happens.

Sounds like a good idea, I’ll try it. Thanks for the pitch Mhx Ar.