Sprite Editor/Animation Update

@grazer Could you maybe add a select option in the sprite editor where you can select a area on your sprite and maybe you could delete it or move it? I’d also like for you to upload a sprite sheet that you made and you could use the sprites on the sheet to make the animations for your character. Also please make it so you can upload a certain sprite for a single frame in an animation. These would help a lot if you have huge sprites and you don’t want to have to redo parts of it for animations and making sprites so please maybe add some of these features in later updates.

Hi @Tailsthefox#1 Flowlab’s graphics editor is notoriously limited, but I know it is on grazer’s dev list for potential upgrade. In the mean time there are lots of free sprite editor programs online you can use. I prefer https://www.piskelapp.com you can export sprites and then upload them into Flowlab pretty easily.

But how do you upload different sprite frames for a single sprite frame in flowlab?

Do you mean how to import individual animation frames into your sprite? Animation tool is in the graphics editor (looks like a film strip) then create new animation, name it and start adding frames. Select the frame you want to import your art into and click UPLOAD in the bottom left corner. Select your file and upload the art then add another frame, import the next piece of art. Repeat repeat repeat. Its tedious, but not as tedious as trying to do art inside flowlab.



@ JR 01

I don’t understand your second video…
Why do you have a Spritesheet that jumps each frame to another frame?
And how do you suddenly get 19 frames in one animation?
Have you uploaded 19 different spritesheets?

I have a spritesheet with 16 frames.
If I follow your steps from the second video, I get the first image of my spritesheet in my animation.
Nothing else.

What am I doing wrong?

That video was showing after I set up the frames.

You need to upload 1 sprite sheet and then go to animations. Make all the frames and then in each frame, move the sprite to the top left for each frame . After you have each frame to the top left, this is where the video starts.

I’ll try to make another quick video, but I would like to make an official tutorial later.


Does this work on chromebook though (the first video)?

Also why when you play games, the pixels don’t load completely?