Sprite Editor suggestion

The sprite editor is a very versatile tool to a Flowlab user’s toolkit. However, I feel like it is in need of a highlight function. This would allow users to highlight over a group of pixels and move them elsewhere. While this may seem like a small addition, something like this would make sprite editing a whole lot easier as you wouldn’t have to manually redraw an entire group of pixels if you wanted to make a character bob or move a limb. Thank you for your considerations!

ooooo, this would be a great addition, and also maybe a mirroring as well so then if you want arms, or legs to be identical, you just have to draw one, and it directly mirrors it

You’re only talking about selecting and moving, but the sprite editor can also get some other huge improvements like copy, cut, paste, rotate and changing size of selections. Also some other things like drawing with transparency, a brush tool, recolor, magic wand, gradients and lots of more stuff.

It would be a complete waste of time if grazer actually does an update with these things. There are many software applications like paint.net, gimp, photoshop etc. that can do this and have many more features. I personally like using paint.net, but if you don’t want to install anything, there are online sprite editors too like piskel.

Yeah I suppose you’re right that you can just use a different software and then import the sprite/animation; I’ve never thought of doing that before so I guess I’ll have to give it a try!

Imagine making the entirety of Starblast 3s sprites with JUST the native sprite editor…