Sprite Flipping

Hey everyone! Teacher from Colorado here. I’m trying to make a demo for running/walking behaviors, but I’m having trouble as I made my sprite left-facing. I have tried selecting “forward” in properties to be “left” but my character continues to face the wrong direction when walking. How do I fix this?


You can you the “flip” behavior under the “properties” tab to choose which direction the character faces.


I have already selected “left” under the properties tab instead of right, but I continue to have the same problem. I made the sprite facing left from the beginning on accident.

Here is the link to my game if it helps: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1583461

Sorry for the late response,

You just need to flip the outputs
The outputs were just in the wrong inputs



Hello, welcome to Flowlab, and welcome to the forums! G here, Lyndon’s got you covered it looks like, so that’s great. If you ever need help again, feel free to reach out to us! And thank you for giving your students an experience with this program, it’s so fun to work with, and I’m glad more people are being introduced to it. Peace, and seeya around! :v:

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