Sprite Flips? Selector?

I would like a feature where you could “Flip” the sprites in the editor. This will make animations for turning around so much easier! I would also like an area selector tool, where you can select a certain area to fill/flip!

Do you mean in the sprite editor?
I think selecting could be improved much more:

  • copy
  • paste
  • cut
  • delete
  • rotate 90
  • rotate -90
  • flip horizontally
  • flip vertically
  • move
  • size
    Instead of only flipping it

YASS I’ve wanted that for a long time. I think I would benefit the most from a delete tool in the game editor.

What do you mean by delete tool?

@grazer I believe as in delete the selected area

I’d like to add on:

Glow effect
Shapes (like lines and squares)
Pixel alpha
Layers (like in paint.NET)
Download sprite
Magic wand
Paint brush

(Holds sprites so you can reuse them between games)

Srry, havnt been in flowlab for a while :confused: thx for all da feedback and yes, the sprite editor