Sprite Junk Drawer Game Jam!

Same rules as last time!

There will be one theme, you also have to use sprites from a sprite sheet I will create. Once the sprite sheet is posted the jam will start! You can crop sprites, recolor, and combine them but you cannot use your own. Labels are allowed but you have to pick out of the choices listed below under “Allowed Fonts”. Sprites will be posted tomorrow from 8:35-9:00 CST. The deadline will be March 17 (St. Patrick’s day!) and will be judged through the weekend by the community. @BradenS will have the privilege of creating a theme that will be approved by me in PMs. PS This does not mean BradenS will be excluded it is a type of reward for winning the last one.

Allowed Fonts

- 04b30

- 04b19

- 04b09

- rivalry


oh nice! im probably not gonna participate tho since i already have too many unfinished games


I only have 1 game that I’m working on, but I don’t want to lose focus :cry: :


might participate, but uh, you know I got a game I’m dedicated to…

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Can or do I leave Gamougg updates behind?


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Sprite sheets!

Sized up

pixil-frame-0 (95)

download version

pixilart-drawing (7)

Who’s competing
  • Me!

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