Sprite Tool to remove a solid background.

Could there be a tool to automatically delete the solid background of a imported sprite. I just got back onto this site about a week ago now and I started using Windows Paint to make sprites, although after I import them, I have to erase the background. If there was a tool to delete it, like the paint bucket but instead of coloring in, it erases-efficiency would be greatly increased. Thanks.


There, that has a magic wand to delete white backgrounds.
Afterwards, save it as a .png so it stays transparent.
Also, consider downloading GIMP, a free photoshop clone.


Good question…now how to resize them? Is there a specific pixel size to use? They always either come out too big or too little.

Just try matching the pixel size with Flowlab’s pixel sizes:


Most of the time, matching pixel sizes with Flowlab’s works by editing the picture accordingly. Sometimes it doesn’t, so you’ll have to improvise.

@muphins thx.