Here is a question specifically for grazer (you’re the best!). Well I recently fell in love with flow lab, bought indie, but I really need some good sprites. I look at your games, and you have great sprites. Where do you get them? Is there any chance you could lend/send them to me? My email is maxboie@gmail.com.

Thanks so much! (this is my first post too)

Hey Max, thanks for supporting Flowlab!

In some cases I drew the sprites, in others I found them or others drew them for me. Which game specifically are you talking about? Let me know which set, and I would be happy to package them up for you :slight_smile:

Hey grazer! Thanks so much for helping me out! Well I REALLY liked the sprites in Super Monkey Adventure, Caverns of Delirium, Epic Adventures and Space Drones. If this is too much just let me know, its fine.


Caverns (By Dan C of lost garden http://lunar.lostgarden.com/labels/free%20game%20graphics.html and Spry Fox)

Super Monkey Adventure:

Epic Adventure:

Of course, anyone else is welcome to use these as well.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


This is the flow lab community at its best!


Hey max, i’m working on a game that has some good sprites :slight_smile:

which one?

its a new game

ok cool! send me a link when ur done with it!


Its called doughnut catch its where this guy wants a doughnut and you have to make it to the end then at the last level you click the doughnut to eat it XD

where do i go to create sprite?