Stacey - OUT NOW! - PixelPizza's Game

Hi! I am Samuel Tom (aka PixelPizza), and I made a game where you beat your insecurities with a chair and every other object you find.

Stacey is out NOW!!!


Play it here:
Listen to the song here:

Hope you like it :smiley:

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Ahah, if you want to believe so. Can’t claim what’s not yours. Anyway, really looking forward to knowing what do you think of the game @meburningslime

Well, I got the whole entire forum, including resurrecting Crigence and Latif, to make his game, a group of 33 people, then he said “Oh, sorry I got someone else to do it for me. Later”

I’m really looking forward to the game @PixelPizza!
This is how we got dumped @PixelPizza

Well its was Jacob who picked the help and requested info by email.
Also probably wasn’t expecting a big team to work with his team and probably wanted portfolio for what you’ve done.

Also you did kinda made teams on the project without asking anyone… only about 6 agreed to team up.

12 more via private message @“JR 01”

Stacey is out NOW!!!
You can play it here:

You can now beat your insecurities with chairs and wooden spoons as much as you like!
Tell me what you think and post your best time!

Jesus, this game is brilliant. Did you make the art? And if you did how and where? Seriously I have no Idea how to make sprites that don’t look like they come from the eighties @PixelPizza . Exceptional game as always! Keep it up!

Also would you consider adding the character for this game and your Tonight game for the Ultimate Flowlab Crossover Game? Coming soon.

Thank you so much @“The Kodex”!
I did everything including the art (the only thing I didn’t do was the Single artwork and the music).
I used mainly Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create the assets.

And sure, feel free to use both characters in the crossover :wink:
@PixelPizza this is my latest project. I have about a gigabyte on the game!!!

My best time yet,

@“JR 01” I’m still impressed on how you beated my best time (02:51) haha :smiley:

this game is awesome. i love the animation.

Thanks! @F3Art Glad you like it!


Hi everyone!
I want to give a heads up and say that the Best time Contest (Merch Giveaway) ends on May 31st.

Thanks to everyone who already participated, and best of luck! :smiley:


Also, since the game is already out I want to share the process of the game!
I started by drawing this concept art, which later turned into the game you can play now:


If you haven’t played it yet or if you want to try and beat your best time, you can play it here:

This game is EPIC!! You have done an amazing job at this game!