Starblast Pacifism: Flowlab Edition

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I have had any major activity on the site. You may be thinking “WHO IS THIS GUY?!” Well, let me introduce myself again. I’m CBG- I have actually been a user of flowlab for… quite some time… I made Starblast: Retro Wars and whatnot. Now, while I may not be “God’s gift to flowlab” or anything, I can make decent games every now again…

Now, that brings us to today. Today is the day I share with you… Starblast Pacifism: Flowlab Edition.
“why ‘’‘’‘flowlab edition’‘’‘’ and why does this matter?” Well- not too long ago I made a Starblast game on another engine (ew, right?) and made a mode called pacifism, which, up until now, I considered to be the closest to my original vision of the game, which, unfortunately, was simply not feasible on flowlab… Until the physics joint behavior came out…

Enjoy, and show em who’s boss


is this that one game on construct? if it is then you cant kill any arrows

Heyy! You’re back! I love your original starblast games from a few years back.


Nicce. Glad to know you’re still deving on Flowlab!

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I noticed my score is very far ahead of a good chunk of you, so I turned down the difficulty. Hope this helps! (use L on the title screen to view leaderboards)

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Game on.
Unagami. @John_Shrekinson

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440K is my best. This game is HARD.

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Most of the things I hit are the orange part of the dumbbells apparently lol


Same here, XD. I sorta don’t like how they kill.

The main character is a bodybuilder, lol.


I found a loading bug. If I immediately press F and space, then the player sprite does not load. This is probably not a fixable bug though.


what in the world? @grazer

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This might be a loading problem to do with my computer, since I practically spammed Spacebar, F, and mouseclick, which could’ve caused the player to not load.

is this on loading the game up? or between games?

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This problem only happened once on the ‘Game’ level, if that’s what you were asking.

Right, but when? The game never actually reloads the level between games.

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oh, yeah, it does it on LOAD

Alright, I put something in place to prevent that bug from happening

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Wow, really? Nice.

It was on the first try after reloading the game. As I said, it might be a loading problem with the engine or my laptop. Either of which you probably won’t be able to fix.

During the other few dozen times I’ve opened the game and re-played it, this has never happened.

Seems that the ship doesnt like being told to start the game before it’s fully initialized, so I just prevented it from reading the start signal for the first few moments after loading

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Smart. Well, I guess that’s fixed.

If you don’t mind, I need to get into first…