Stardew valley remake

so im making a stardew valley remake and I think it would be cool to put some people from the commuity as npcs so just tell me if you want to be an npc


I would love to be an NPC, lol.
Could I also own a pumpkin patch or something. That’d be pretty cool.

sweet could you tell me
what items your charchrecter would love 4-5
what items they would like 3-4
what items they would dislike 3-4
and hated items 3-4
and if they are single or not

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I’m Currently in school, but when I get out in about half an hour I could explain in more depth about it.

cool i got out of school at 2:40 lol but i would love too to xD

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Can you answer the questions I asked pumpkin also what house / shop would you want

I would love to be an NPC! :smiley:

Great! could you answer the questions above and what house/shop you would like

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I can be a npc, mostly the character details are made up.
character loves pepsi, computer programming, gaming and taking souls
character likes sprite, memes and knives
character dislikes hard math, dull knives and butter knives
character hates roblox, having one soul and leaving his “home”

btw the house should be scary >:D he should also own a knife shop near his home or just merge the home and shop.

oh and he’s single

what do you mean items character would love, like dislike, hate, and single?..

could you change the items to item from the base game

I’m in school rn, I will answer at about 3:00 CST

its 3:09…

its 2 where I am (2020202020)

O_O im in georgia so makes sense.

Central Standard Time, its where manitoba is I think

I haven’t played Stardew Valley before but I’d love to be an npc if you’d let me!

yeah I gotta wait untill I get home. Im staying out for recess

could you answer the questions?

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I want to be a turret if possible:

Turrret Name: James the Turret
Gender: Male
Loves: Pineapple, Portal Devices, and Warm Sweaters
Likes: Strawberry, Butter, and TopHats
Dislike: Broccoli, Troll Face, The Color Blue
Hates: Litter, Water, Kale, And Arvarks.
He is Single, But doesn’t feel like getting in a relationship any time soon.
He is peaceful, Not hostile like in Portal 2 (the game the character is from.
Thank you! (: