Starting a story mode for FB.IO 2

I added a new update today. I haven’t progressed on the story, but:
-All of the scroll dialogues have changed to a more natural style.
-The scroll itself has become more cartoon-ish.
-The title screen has changed
-The nuclear bomb on the first level does less damage, but enemy planes have been added to the second level, which drop explosive bombs that take out some of your life. (There’s no “Game over” yet) The panicky citizens have become slightly slower.
-The game is now playable from the title screen; go through the metal door to start story mode.
Play test it here:

Wow, this game feels pretty epic already - I hope you keep building on it :slight_smile:

This is really well done! Awesome! Wow

Hmmm Wish I could make a game like this but My mother won’t get me du upgrade she says she doesn’t want to do payments every month… ;(

Ahem every year ahem


Thanks everyone! :smiley:

@Bestotted_Puppy - Every year is more convenient and much cheaper, just saying :slight_smile:

Still $60 that would hurt…

To be honest, the reason I haven’t been progressing was because my brain is can’t think of, or decide on, an event that happens after the escape. All the ideas I had, now they seem really cheesy.
It took me hours to just create the whole “wasteland”, and I’m not proud of what I came up with…
though all the previous designs were even worse.
It’s a windy atmosphere; you move back when you don’t give any commands, you go much faster when going left and slower when going right. I figured that since I couldn’t come up with the next scenes, I might as well start preparing the mechanics.

ANY IDEAS OR DIALOGUES? I may really need them right now… :astonished:
*Man, I even got the gradient directions wrong… lol

This is giving me a 2D Journey vibe from that picture.

@grazer there’s a really freaky bug that’s messing with level 1…
-When you first open the level:
Okay, the mountains are in front of the houses. Maybe that’s a background disorder.
But for the part of the mountain and house that’s hanging off the screen:
????(34) it’s not supposed to be there.

After going back to the editor, then playing again:

If I go to the fireball’s behaviors then click scroll view, everything works fine again… but if refreshed, same problem. There’s no double-scroll view or anything in the player behavior.
If it’s a bug, please fix it, or if there’s something I don’t know that I did, can you fill me in?

-The bug started when I started the 4th level, I think. I didn’t use the same fireball for it though… can’t figure it out

This is a reason why I want more background layers.

It still works fine after I click “scroll view”. It used to work fine…
but now this happens for all levels.

Repeats the background without it even being marked off
Some bg blocks go missing/move by themselves when playing, but not in the editor
It applies for all levels with the same player now…
Replacing the scroll view didn’t do anything

I just sealed it off and replaced it with the turn-based battle again, just until the bg problem’s fixed…


(editor testing)
(left half of the bg is cutting off?)

The bg that’s supposed to be in the space below…
Somehow moves a whole screen to the left… (stretched the scroll view for this one)
though in the editor…
Like I said, if I click on the scroll view behavior, everything turns out normal, but it gets wrecked again when refreshed.

Dont use or keep parallax very high

Lowering the parallax didn’t do anything to help

And it’s strange how if I click on scroll view, it fixes itself (until refreshed of course…). I don’t know what’s going on, but if it’s a bug, hopefully it will be fixed soon…

Temporary fix, but create a new building object and stack them on the old building objects. Newer objects on top should have layer priority.

Not really the main problem. The layering is intelligent enough to put the houses in front, but only when fixed- and the spacing?

Hey, I just saw this - I’ll check it out and see if I can figure out what’s going on here.