Sticking Out Animation

I thought it would be a great and easy thing to be able to make an animation that can have something stick out from the rest of the character. I went to see if you could do this, and I was disappointed. I think that it should be added so making a kicking, punching, dashing or similar animations would be much simpler. Also, it would be great to have an option in the “message” block for the nearest object of a particular type.

I say atm because I think it may change again after a little while. It has change a few times already, but finding a shortcut thats convenient and outside of window, mac, and different browsers.

Other than you can hold backspace to quick delete a lot of objects, I think those are the only shortcuts in Flowlab I can think of.

Nice @“JR 01” :slight_smile: any other shortcuts that can be useful?

… beside the fact it also open the bookmark toolbar on Firefox :expressionless:

If you expand the sprite just to add more animation, you can do that.
The hitbox is only to the size of the sprite and Not its animations.

You can see this by turning hitbox viewer on (which is Ctrl + Shift + D atm).

What do you mean keeping its original sprite/sizes? The making it bigger is what I meant with the expanding tool in the sprite editor, when you try to animate it’s not there. It sounds like that’s what you’re saying, but I’m not sure.

You can do this in 2 ways that I can think of.

  1. You can make the sprite bigger, but keeping its original sprite/sizes.
    This way the animations can be animated bigger than the sprite but keeping the original size and hitbox.
    You can see me doing this in newer games I create such as NYCTOPHOBIA, where I make a custom hitbox using the sprite and animating the character on top.

  2. Use attachments that are centered of the player and are on a higher layer.
    Attachments aren’t solid (no hitbox) and is on top of the player, and can be controlled separately from the player.

For the messaging part, the best thing I can think of at the moment is to have a proximity in object to turn on a switch when your near it. This way when you message all these objects, only the objects with the switch turned on will receive the message.