stuck to walls when jumping

i’m working on some basic behaviors and the player gets stuck on the walls when jumping.

i searched through the forum, tried changing it to capsule, but still no luck.

any help would be appreciated.


When on the walls, make the friction 0 by using the Material behavior block. When your on the ground, put friction on 100.

@“JR 01” thanks for the response. sorry, but i’m having trouble locating the materiel behavior block. where can i find that exactly?

in the properties section

@glithctyrus awesome. found it. thank you.

i’m not sure the most effective way to connect it though.

here’s the link if you can check it out please:

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 8.50.43 PM

@glithctyrus thanks again, but this doesn’t seem to be working.

let me know if i did something wrong.

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 10.20.19 PM

@glithctyrus still no luck. please let me know if there’s anything else i could try.

I would just use a raycast with the ANGLE set to 90.
Annotation 2020-07-08 102336

thanks @“JR 01”

so it looks like the problem with the wall is fixed, but now the player gets stuck when he’s walking sometimes.

i have raycast angle set to 90. should Any Type be selected? what should ray length be set at?

thanks again