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Okay, I am a bit stumped on what game I should make. So, I have come up with a challenge. Its nothing unique, and its most likely already been tried before, but I am going to make a game based on your ideas. Submit whatever, art that you want in the game, features that you want, limitations, just don’t make it really hard, as my code is trash. Also, please read other peoples requests, to make sure that your idea isn’t incompatible with another persons suggestion.


Big Chungus vs Power Rangers epic explosive battle

this is absolutely perfect

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Bro tou have to add SUSdowner and um Inmade some really good bug free very well polished player movement mechanics you can use. The jumping uses raycasting insted of collisions. When you do jump in the air you will be able to control air movement more.

What is the example called?

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This is the power ranger i made. I never actually watched the series, so i just looked up google images of power rangers.
Screenshot 2022-09-25 5.39.21 PM

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Nice! Especially for someone who hasn’t watched the show this is great art!


Oh I’m sorry for replying so late, it’s not a example I just made it for my game but I can give you the import code for it. I can also make an example if you want me too.

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If you want to post code on the forums, use the code format by putting ```on either side of the text.

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I think I found the game. Is it Ninja Platformer the one you where talking about?

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Yeah thats the one i wouldnt mess with it now because im actually uppdating the movment

When i finished with it though ill let you know