Suggestions and Changelog....

i need a name to this game:
Comment suggestions plz

A 2D game of survival in a post apocalyptic world (the world still Zomies) … you have to save your enerdia build your base and be careful with the red moon (it happens from 10 to 10 minutes) because the Zombies bosses born of darkness … this game is still in beta and undergoing several alterations either in history or in gameplay-… sry for my bad english

Suggestions and opnions… plz comment


I like the game ideia

and gameplay

Hey great idea (I was considering the blood moon thing too… Along with bosses every 5 in game days)
And the same old temple explorer monsters will be in this game along with some new ideas like wolves

I can’t wait to see the full outcome of the game!

Wolves in TE3 this game gonna be awesome

Wolves and are are going to be in hyper survival as pets and other things…


Why not call it downer survivor (b-cause its top down)