1. So mailboxes always send an output, or u can choose a time for how long it will run
  2. ticks instead of ‘delays’, just tell me how many ticks.
  3. A tutorial [yes i know i missed 3]
  4. Bigger levels
  5. https on all flowlab urls
  6. more behaviour stuff [u think of them]
    Yeah thats it. anything i missed?
  1. There is a plenty options to do that… two of them is use repeater or timer
  2. Delay is more “professional”… i mean it’s the right word for it. Delay it’s delay.
  3. There is one. and there is also an help page with examples and also behaviours documentation
  4. ??? What do you mean… You can use the camera behaviour to a giant level if that’s is what you want to do
  1. No so it can consistently run when it receives the message, always giving an output

Edit: What about a canceler? [if we can already do this teach me sensei’s]

Timers can be canceled by receiving an input in reset