Summer flowjam 2024

Hello! Summer Flowjam is coming out soon! I would love to try it, but I do not have any experience on doing these sort of projects. I would love to help with (almost) any projects from almost anyone! I can do story, dialogue, effects(?) and transitions, I am also happy to adapt to whatever my teammates need help with! I’ll check this post regularly (maybe every week), so just reply or send me a team invite!

Also, @Flowlab I have no clue on how to change my name from “Ancient Civilizations Dev Team” to “Atomic Gi”.

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Ya I need help with the flowjam too.
Maybe you message ken that you’re joining?

First, I would be glad to team up with you. I have some experience with flowjams and love teaming up with other users.

Second, if you’re indie, you can change your name in your profile.

No need. He’s very busy.

If you want to join, you can simply press join and it’s done.

Oh wait you need to MESSAGE him to join?

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Where is the button to join?

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It will come up when the Flowjam is announced.


Maybe when it comes out? Is there like a set date? or is it his posts? I’ma check brb

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No I did not say NEED I said maybe.

Ken will make an announcement on the “Announcements” category a few days before the Flowjam starts. He posts a link to join it there, or you could head to the homepage.

Oops! Ok, so what do you think the theme should be?

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It will be announced when everything else is.

A game all about kaffee

kaffee? Like coffee but BETTER?!

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No its about Kaffee.

Oh gosh.

Actually, I think I’m fine on my own, bye.

Ok XD well I searched “Kaffee” and Google translate said I was speaking german

Ich bin B00T987

I know a bit of German and I thank duoalingo
And editing their site so I have infinite hearts.

that’s pro programming