SUMMER JAM 2023: Elementally, My Dear Watson

I figured out the skull and the table, not sure if i got the fireplace I put the pipe in its spot but I don’t know if these is something else to do.


click the pipe display once more after you exit the close up. An animation will play Click again to pick up the element tile in the brick in the back of the fireplace

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most complex puzzle game

I got the key but not an element.

. . . I think I broke it.

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The painting stays upside down after you get the key. The key is important for another puzzle. It looks like you collected the element tile that was in the back of the fireplace. Youre also looking at the clue for the combo lock in your screen shot

Oh. It looks like you ran out of time. It just doesnt take you to the bad ending bc i forgot to hook it up. Whooop. You can watch the ending by selecting it in the level editor.

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Maybe go hook it up? I don’t know, but I’ll go play it again and see if I can get it.

I’d like to take credit for inspiring you both to make better detective games than I did last jam.


the jam’s voting is not over yet, so you can’t change anything.

@JR01 and i will take a week or so once jam is over to add some clarification and fix some troublesome parts.


You guys are really committed. If I don’t get at least 10th place, I’ll just delete my game. After 17 hours of work, I still don’t think I’ll even get 30th. I have been getting a bunch of negative reviews and terrible ratings.
I think I’m going to just give up on jams.

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Nah don’t do that! Sure, it doesn’t feel good to lose. But the reason we get better (the reason we can have genuine pride when we reach the mountaintop), is because we stare defeat in the face and try again anyway. We continue even though it seems we aren’t accomplishing anything, because deep down we know we are.
One of the best ways to get better is game jams themselves, and you will get better. It’s kind of circular logic that we get better by losing, but it is true. (And don’t delete your old games unless you have to, because it is important to see how far you’ve come).

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It’s also important to see a new game instead of the un-popular Flowjam looser.

It’s not like game Jams are the only way to get better at coding.

Anyways, this is off topic, I shouldn’t have started it.

Don’t post a reply on here, the OTC will do, this is a game topic.