Super Blocky Racing Track Ideas (have a track made inspired by your game)

okay, so i need 3 track ideas that are inspired and features for this game. you will receive credit for this.

cups for 3 tracks each:

Crossover cup:
The Facility
Eclipse Road

im only doing this because more tracks were suggested.

Do a jurassic track, with dinosaurs

you should add a underwater track

Oh yeah with low gravity maybe?
Btw still add jurassic pls

@Spec78 cool! but these ideas have to be inspired by your game. and @Cactus_Studios is one of your games a dinosaur game?

How about an all black track every thing is a dark grey and black tint inspired my my game “Depth 666”

-Don’t forget to add ghosts and gravestones

could you leave a link? :smiley:

Oops I’m sorry

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Here’s a game that i’ve been working on and you could make a track based off of this. Maybe make the track have an indoor theme with a long hallway. But some of the hallway is corroded and there will be bits of floor that are being held by black vines, or their floating from the reality warping.

I don’t know just an idea.

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YESS! i’ve been waiting for you to post this! i was gonna call it Facility Raceway or something.

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Well, the second you posted this discussion I planned on adding this idea to it, but I never got around to it until now. Glad you like the idea and I can’t wait to see it in the game. :smile:

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Maybe a black and purple lab level based on my game:

I have a new game called strings, and Its a chase game.
once I finish it. it’s gonna be a perfect race course.

Always happy to help :slight_smile:

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Great, i think ill call this Eclipse Road. would that work? or do you have any ideas?

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Awesome, I love the name! It was for the first Flowjam about light and darkness so green acid on the floor to jump over and saws to jump over too.

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No, but it would be nice

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But i could do one, if you want

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one more track idea. im sorry those other track ideas were good but idt they would fit :slight_smile:

Maybe you could add a level similar to that of Wipe Out. Since you can still add the bleachers in the background and you could make some very interesting obstacles such as platforms that are super bouncy (like the mushrooms in mario kart) and they can get you to a platform that may be difficult to get to, or just simply to continue through the race.
Maybe add moving platforms like a seesaw or something so you could possible fall off easily if you aren’t careful.
There could be an arm that slowly spins around and will try to knock you off a platform, but you have to quickly go under it before the arm comes down and pushes you off the course.

Easily have to add the boxing fist. You have to go through a long platform with a wall attached to it, but there are holes that will pop fists out and if you get hit by one, your character will wall through the platform as if he got knocked off in a 3D standpoint. (Not sure how this one could be accomplished, but you could find a solution.)

Also you have to have a water or mud effect when you fall off of the map cause why not.

I can’t really think of any other examples of obstacles, but I’m sure you can probably find some much more advanced than these.

Just an idea.

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