Super Mario Brothers remake is Complete!

here is most of the stuff i have added:

1.Classic Dashboard
3.Coin Counter
4. Background objects

Super mario bros screenshot

Mario screenshot 2

Super Mario Bros. 1985 Nintendo

if you want to know which points is which here is the list:

Goomba = 100 points

Coin = 10 Points

Brick Block = 50 Points

Super Mushroom = 1000 points

Mystery Box (contains a coin) = 200 Points

Try it yourself:

Seems pretty good, and a very well done copy! Though I do have to say I have run into a few bugs…

what are the busg? tell me and i can fix them.

Very nice. A few bugs I noticed:

-Mobs are getting stuck in each other and won’t move anymore.
-Walk Animation stops when jumpng and does not continue unless you stop and start walking again. (I guess that is because of the key up and key down way flowlab handles this.
-You can climb obstacles if you hit arrow (towards object) and up repeatedly.

ok i will try an fix them :slight_smile:

ok most of the bugs in the game have been fixed

Try my game, i’m using Mario as a base for a different platformer i’m going to make. So if things seem different, you know why!

If you want, i could give you some tips i found while making it as well!

Also, i have a discussion where i review games so if you’re interested, here you go:

You’ve done great work with this game! If it doesn’t bother you, come try mine, Thx!

ok all of the bugs have been fixed/patched:
-goombas bounce off when they touch each other
-mario slides down walls (you can kind of climb up those walls)