Support for higher resolution images

At the moment, the highest resolution image you can upload for one ‘block’ is 32x32 pixels. This means the resolution for a game with a 16:9 ratio will be 512x288 pixels. Compared to 1280x720, the minimum standard for today’s phones, and the resolution is pretty awful. It gets even worse when you compare it to 1980x1080 and 4096x2160, both becoming increasingly popular today for both mobile devices and desktops.

This is only thing really keeping me from using Flowlab seriously. The resolution should be changeable somewhere, or at least use 720p as default.

I feel (especially now that saving is possible with Flowlab), if higher resolutions were supported, it would become much more viable for producing apps and games.

Thanks for reading!

Hey Jack,

Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion. I have been thinking about & discussing this feature for quite a while now. Really the main issue that I need to resolve is how to add double-resolution sprites without making the sprite editor interface more complicated.

I know there are other users who have been requesting this same feature for a while, so I may bump it up closer to the top of the backlog.

I can see how it might make things more confusing. Maybe keep the sprite editor the same, but make it so you can set how many blocks an uploaded image uses? Though this might mess things up in terms of calculating collision areas or positions. Just a suggestion, keep up the good work ^^

Yeah, or maybe a setting giving the option to change the size of each block? Have the option for 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, or custom. Then it is possible theoretically to make any resolution of a game with a 16:9 ratio, depending on what you choose as block dimensions!