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Still working out all the kinks, but here is a beta of our new webpage!

What’s the point of using a website to make a website if the website you make with it looks like it was made solely with html?

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Like I said, I’m still working out the kinks. I’m new to this specific website, and am using a blank slate rather than a template. It will look better in the future, I can promise you that. :slight_smile:

Cool! I know you’re still working out the kinks and all, so I won’t judge the aesthetics or anything until it’s finished…

My question is: what is the purpose - “mission statement” or whatever, of T+L Studios? Making games? Selling games? Teaching people how to make games? I have a long term plan of making my own website for my own one person Indie game developer team, but I’m certainly open to collaborative projects with other designers as well…

I know, I know, I have yet to prove my potential here, so feel free to ignore me right now. But I have a current demo project that is about 75% done and I think it’s fairly decent. Certainly not up to the quality of the best games that others here have produced, but I’m still learning and working with free version. I will get better as time goes on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We make games :sunglasses:
Nah man it’s okay if you admit that the graphics are crap. It’s kinda hard to do it in this specific software.

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Why are you just using HTML? Your profile says you’re good at it and JavaScript…

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You make games for fun, or for profit? Or both?

(I’m personally looking to do both)

ADDITIONAL: I guess what I’m asking is… the page is open for requests to be part of the crew. Is that just to make games for educational purposes? Or does your crew intend to sell games and share the profits? I’m just making free games myself right now, but my long term goal is to sell some.

Not for tons of money, I’m not making Skyrim or Call of Duty or anything like that… I’m thinking “dollar” games. Or even just something like free games with ads, or “donationware” type stuff.

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I’m not using HTML. I’m using a site called WebFlow, it just uses a very HTML based format…

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But if you know how to use HTML, then use it, from scratch is better

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Just to make any kind of games.


For the record, I’m not officially requesting to be a part of anything yet, I’m just keeping options open and wanting to connect with other experienced coders / developers here. If say T+L Studios creates a website and hosts games, and I create a website with my own studio name hosting my own games, we could share links to each other’s games to increase page views for both… mutually beneficial situation.

Long term, of course. I’ll have to upgrade to Indie, and make a dozen or so games first, before I can call myself a “studio”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Or get studio, lol.

I don’t actually know how to code… :laughing:

I’m a poser, using Flowlab to make games because without it, the best I could do is print out board games and card games. I can draw a sprite in MS Paint, but I don’t have the foggiest clue how to make it move with keyboard commands, or how to tell it that it’s supposed to take damage when colliding with another sprite, etc. Flowlab is the only reason I’m able to make sprites do things. And I’m loving it. :grin:

Outside of this website, the most complicated thing I’m qualified to do is operate heavy machinery. And I don’t think that particular skill would be of much use to a game development company. Unless they had a huge warehouse full of game cartridges and needed someone to operate a forklift to load them onto trucks… it’s my understanding that games aren’t transported that way anymore, people mostly just download them from the internet. :crazy_face: