T/Tetragon: Quartet (Work Log)

T/Tetragon was a “platformer” you could beat with 5 jumps. This game will include more jumping! (At least 6)

The game will include a reworked version of T/Tetragon’s story with more actual gameplay! I’m also trying to make the sprites more detailed so they aren’t just flat colors! I’m also reworking the dialogue system so I don’t have nine different objects. The game is a work in progress!

The title of this game is pretty long considering the first game was just “T”… I’ll post updates here whenever I feel like it if anyone cares (which you probably don’t to be perfectly honest).

I heard that being square was hip from a song. My game is very hip! Also… what’s a quartet?


I wouldn’t even want to read all of this, and I’m the one who typed it…


Can you post a link to the game?

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The “what’s a quartet” part is a joke, and I’ll post the link after at least the first level is done


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What’s down there anyways?

I used Grazer’s Auto Type example to make this because I decided I didn’t want this to end like T/Tetragon’s dialogue system. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t break anything when I added a whole bunch of other stuff to make it work properly… I mean it’s messy but at least it does its job!

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I dread the day I’ll have to edit this because all my code is stacked into piles

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Heh, that happens to me sometimes too, some bundles are just a bit too complicated and I made them a bit too messy for debugging, so I have to do it over sometimes.

Some of these look… familiar…

I got a little sidetracked and ended up adding skins to the game… You’ll be able to equip and read descriptions about them in Extras.

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My friend told me to add a battle pass to the game when I told them about this

This is still very incomplete but you can now get through the first level! (Not much you can do though…)

I’ll be adding more things to make the title screen and level select more polished at some point, and this time I’ll try to give all of the UI an actual purpose. I’ll probably make edits to the first level and I’m currently working on the second level that has a… 2hoP KEP?

I think reworking the platforming to be more interesting is going to be a tale for another game

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I call it a platformer but your only platforming ability is jumping…

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