Taile Gamougg 1 Devlog (remake)

Better Updates?!

  • Nothing impressive
  • A shift to dash function based on Eldabyss by extrez, very fun and easy to use. The design is very human.
  • Man **** this game design. What the **** am I supposed to do?
  • I’m gonna go watch Transformers Prime today. Before that I will send the game to GamougGaming to see what they think of the level design so far.
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Gamougg 2 remake is under development. Gamougg 1 & 2 remakes will simply be called “Taile Gamougg 1” and “Taile Gamougg 2”, dropping the remake/anniversay/story subtitles that previous versions of the game had.


THIS TOPIC IS DEAMED DEAD DEAD THINGS STAY DEAD :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:

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You do realize that this isn’t just the random revival of a topic, it’s it’s creator coming back to make a announcement in the place where it would most make sense




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Gamougg 2 remake meme
Transformers comic format meme template


Updates 9/18/2023

I haven’t been working on the first game’s remake all that much. I think it’s more enjoyable for me to work on the second game, so I’ve been doing that instead.

  • Gamougg has been recolored to yellow instead of green.

  • The first 2 levels are done, but the second one needs polishing.

  • Coins and a leaderboard system have been added! You can access the leaderboard from anywhere in the game by clicking on the obvious button on the top left of the screen.
    gamougg 2 remake

  • I didn’t ask them about this yet, but 4 challenge levels have been added, one for each of the GamougGaming developers that are most active. These will basically be super hard gauntlets completely customized by the other devs. If they choose not to make them, then I could give those levels to select players (probably those who unlock all the achievements) or CodeAlpaca, the leaderboard king of Flowlab.

  • Bouncy trampoline yay

  • a car

  • Ever wanted to see the default red monster sprite but with really long legs? No? Well look at it anyway!
    New Recording - 9/17/2023, 7:02:22 PM

Level 4 preview


What symbol this is? Wrong answers only.

Should the game have blood?

  • Yes
  • No

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Updates 9/25/23

  • Added some references to a hit action movie from 2006.
  • Began creating the bosses including the final boss.
  • Finished building the levels.
  • Added a block with a lil’ blue guy.
  • Added a bunch more achievements and directional trampolines (or springs for you Sonic fans).
  • The game takes place in modern day Greece, but mostly in locations that still have old buildings.
  • Watched Revenge of the Pomegranates
  • Added a speed powerup.


3 of the decorative banners I made

TG2R banners

Cinema building

Mysterious space structure (game editor view)

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New Updates 9/26/23

The level select screen level buttons have been moved to the game layer. This is intentional-- I want to be able to add more levels soon, and this feature will allow for players to scroll through a menu to choose a level. This can’t be done in the UI layer because the UI objects follow the camera movement, which prevents the existing levels from leaving the screen/player’s view to allow other levels to be seen.

  • Added a small 6x6 Flowlab grid space block that displays randomly selected images every time it fades in and out
  • Added new main menu buttons: More games, Forums, and Credits (Play, Forge, and Controls were already there, yes the controls are actually told entirely in the game for this one)
  • Added two new banners:
    If you unlock half of all the achievements after the game’s release, I will make one custom banner for you. If you unlock all of the achievements, I will make 10. “Godspeed, Spider-Man.”
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New Updates 9/27/23

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New updates 9/29/23

The player won’t be an unstoppable force in Gamougg 2. True to the classic game, all the characters besides the player are called “being” in the game editor.


Do you want to be pinged for updates?

  • Yes (epic)
  • No (cringe)
  • Only for big ones (cool and busy)

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Ok it will now.

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Well, this aged well.