Taile Gamougg 1 Devlog (remake)

I’m gonna put my Discord server here too. If you’re over the legal age to join Discord, which is 13, then you can join the official Taile Gamougg server.

I’m gonna make my final changes to Gamougg 2 before I clone it to make Gamougg 1. Gamougg 1 is planned to be released on October 31st, aka Halloween this year.

Updates 10/7/23

Good morning Flowlab community. Today I will be away for most of the day because of a conference and will not be available to answer questions until about 6 PM EST. I made a new game cover for the game.

New game cover

As a bonus, here's the game cover from when it was still in early development:

I’ve mostly been setting up the main menu and replacing the Gamougg 2 levels to make Gamougg 1. Basically I cloned Gamougg 2 to make Gamougg 1 so that I could make it faster, however this does not mean that the two games will be exactly the same except for some underlying technical functions.

Speaking of Gamougg 2, I have made some more progress on the extra levels (and finished one of them), also I started the dialogue to tell the story. Just like Gamougg 4, it starts with Gamougg’s house, but unlike 4, the player isn’t already inside. That’s all for now because I gotta go, folks.

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Updates 10/9/2023

Gamougg 2 is going smoothly. Still planning on rolling out Gamougg 1 by October 31st.

I realized that I didn’t quite say why that is. It all started on the day I got my new Hot Wheels Batmobile, sometime in early October or late September. I went to Canadian Tire with my dad and saw the seasonal section was full of Halloween stuff. Since I was already into Gamougg 2 remake’s development at the time and had come up with a theme for it, I wanted a theme for Gamougg 1 as well. I waddled around the seasonal shelves, trying out all the lights and sounds on all the decorations. I especially liked the maniacal looking pumpkin, the 5-foot-tall poseable skeleton, and the skeleton that said a bunch of spooky stuff, I can’t find it online for reference to compare/confirm my memories. Seeing all this, as well as the coveted majestic giant (about 8-9 ft tall) standing skeleton with LED eyes that cost 3 hundred Canadian dollars, made me decide to make Gamougg 1’s theme be Halloween. There were also some intrinsic motivations to do this that contributed to the idea before my trip to Canadian Tire and Dollarama: the original game was already a bit spooky (particularly level 4), the 2021 Anniversary edition had a really bloody death animation for the final boss, and the classic game was even cloned and modified last year to create Taile Gamougg: Twisted Mind Mystery (a Gamougg horror game).

The game is both set during and planned to release on the exact date of Halloween. It might take a bit longer to show up on other platforms like Itch.io and GameJolt.com because I’m still figuring those out, but I’m fine as long as it releases on Flowlab the exact day. Without further ado, here are today’s updates:

Update Summary


  • Completed enemy that looks like the grim reaper but isn’t
  • Pumpkin enemy
  • Spooky menus created (see below)
  • Made Halloween [gameplay] background
  • Started a boss battle
  • Dripped out new blocks
  • Conceptualized enemies
  • Data transferred
  • Recolored trampolines to make the metal darker, this is so that the two games aren’t too similar and also to fit in with the theme better


  • More background pillars created; include random color selection and blur shader
  • Added more prefab buildings (pantheon style)
  • Started work on an extra level where you do parkour in space
  • Finished the infinite enemies extra level
  • Added dialogue
  • Began finalizing character names
spooky menu/UI backgrounds, AI and then pixelated (actual gameplay level backgrounds i made myself, the current AI ones are most likely temporary)

pumpkin_evil_grin_close_up_portrait_black_background_2441251672-pixelicious (1)

Pings: @paisleypug @Hong_Jooni_Pooni @Jefferson-Bobby

Also before you guys go, both games feature a working leaderboard and achievements on release.


I made an interactive castle. When you walk in from any of the doors, the walls will disappear kinda like surviv.io. I was inspired to do this by paisleypug’s Coalescence, although I made my own simple but effective code to do it.

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Update 10/14/2023

Hello, I have been doing much (silly parody of paisleypug post for fun)
taile gamougg 1 remake line helmet
abstract halloween building pixel art taile gamougg 1 remake


Taile Gamougg 1 will have helmet skins that work exactly like the random skin packs in Gamougg 4, but better because the random aspect is removed. This attached image is of one of the helmets from the Line helmet set, which is based around the theme of lines in art.

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Oof I forgot to ping you guys for updates… Sorry about that I’m still not used to doing that. I will ping for update later today.

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chicken discord message

It may be less nostalgic, but I think it’s way better. So in order to make the game’s levels seem less visually repetitive, I used messages and mailboxes to make all the grass and dirt sand in this specific level.
TG2R sand
Gamougg 2 helmets preview (the extra Gamougg sprite is just there temporarily as a guide for me to draw eyes on the helmets using the “onion skin” overlay feature)


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Gamougg 1 update (the last one was a Gamougg 2 update)

What is this object name referencing?
TG1R hazard black RX

Updates 10/18/2023

Pings: @paisleypug @Hong_Jooni_Pooni @Jefferson-Bobby @hi4250five
The updates this time around are more art focused. The levels this time around are more conventionally designed, particularly level 5.


Updates 10/20/2023

Hi, I still have yet to make the story. Any help with structuring it and actually writing it (I have a basic plot idea already) would be appreciated, and you will be featured in the credits if you help in any way. WARNING: any references to real dead persons on any gravestones in this game is purely coincidental.

Major updates
  • Gamougg now has an attack animation!
  • New door types: round doors, which are are just normal doors, but with rounded top corners and a wooden design instead of the usual metal (plus it comes in a light or darker shaded version); and locked doors, which are just like normal doors but they’re locked until you find a key in the level (plus they are darker than normal doors and have a lock icon on them so you know it’s locked.
  • Added new blocks in the ground, halloween block, hazard, wall disappear, and wall background categories. Note: “wall background” objects are not actually in the background layer, they just have the lowest display order on the game layer. This game utilizes the background layer much differently than all games made by John Shrekinson prior: bg objects in the game layer, and actual bg layer is used for level designs even further in the background. “wall background” objects are used for the interior of buildings and structures in the game layer.
  • Several blocks and items were retextured from Gamougg 2 to make them different/fit Gamougg 1’s theme.
  • Selected music
Minor updates
  • A new decor was added! It is the sticker decor, which randomly selects 1 of 3 variations of 3 different designs, making for a total of 9 frames in its animation. The designs vary in color mostly, but may have other alterations as well. The 3 designs are a skull, 1/2/4 hearts, and flames (like the kind you would see on a car or Optimus Prime.
  • Added new tombstone variations
    TG1R elaborate tombstone variations
  • Updated tree variations and added more trees, including taller ones. Very pointy, jagged, and sharp.

Oof I forgot, I keep making the updates first and not noting them down as I do. Anyway I got a lot done today, below is just a taste of that
Level 1 full map first look:

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you know what? i’ve also decided to leave.

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Dialogue is starting to set! I make the character designs simple so that they are easy to animate. I’m doing more playtesting. I got the healing system set up too, the way it works is whenever you kill an enemy, they explode into a bunch of shards that are on screen for about a split second before they disappear.

Those translucent blocks randomly strewn about are the blocks I created to simulate fog. To make them randomly move, I used the code from grazer’s second Sword Example (which is top-down) that made the enemies in that example move.

You’d be much better off having one big fog object moving back and forth.


Taile Gamougg in a week!

Okay. Is the rest of the game alright to you in this way?

Monster idle animation
ezgif.com-crop (1)


Looks really good :+1: I like the jiggle, the jiggler would approve


Thank you so much… This is the Jiggliest compliment I have ever received of all time… I will remember this moment! /srs
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