Taile Gamougg: Emerald Warrior remake Update Log (OPEN BETA)

I made the game and I’d say he dies in WWII.


aaand, when is gamougg born?


The emerald warrior? His full first name is Igamouggan, and he was born in 1900. Gamougg was born in 1984. Emerald warrior was 24 when his game took place.


literally 1984


He was born on Friday January 13th of that year


Now that John Shrekinson and I are the same again, may you please transfer this game to my John Shrekinson account please @grazer? I would like to finish this game now that the April thing I had been planning for a year is over.

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Confirming here.

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This has the best gameplay in the Taile Gamougg series but has the emptiest, blandest, level design I’ve ever seen.

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Well I made it with free edition

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Transformers did it first.

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If grazer transfers the game to my main account, the original will be updated. If not, the whole game will be remade on my main account and you can decide if the game should look the same as it did before, or if it should look like the remakes. New style will definitely include player animations, old style is less likely to do so.
  • New Gamougg style (pixel size 2)
  • Old Gamougg style (pixel size 1) (current art style)

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I honestly think the 16 bit sprites would look a little better or at least fit better with your style. I feel the 32 bit is more for very detailed game designs and you attempt to put a lot of detail into objects that are usually very overwhelming to decipher.

I do think the change from your usual 32 bit to 16 bit would definitely improve. Plus 32 bit is hard to work with in general, especially for the large level layouts and amount of sprites you normally use anyway.


Plus I normally use 16 bit so I speak from my personal experience that it’s typically much easier to style in that. 8 bit is difficult, but works good for arcade style games or older vintage looks. 4 bit is just atrocious unless you’re making an enlarged version of the other sizes.



So it is being remade, I have done the first level and am working on the third level right now.

I really like this background I made with some simple but repetitive bundle system:


Epic Updates 11/16/2023

Today I didn’t work on the main levels or gameplay, or story. Instead, I chose to work on a character customization feature using Globals, arrow button UI, and the color behavior. It’s a very epic system I think, either way I’m proud of how it’s coming together [with all the Messages and Mailboxes and stuff]. I’ll probably make an in-depth video showcasing it soon.

Do you want to be pinged for updates?
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  • No (you’re so skibidi)
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spongbong squarepontes

The original game now has an unofficial Transformers mod! To download sprites to import into the game, just right-click and save, then go into the game and upload it into the object. This mod doesn’t change the game’s code at all except for a few small things in the player:

  • Camera now zooms in by pressing E and zooms out by pressing Q
Camera zoom code (delete the existing camera first because this contains a copy of it)


  • HUD (heads up display) modifications:
    • Healthbar light green color replaced with red #e43b44 and dark green replaced with blue #332a82 (remove hashtags before importing color code into Flowlab)
    • Stamina bar light blue color replaced with yellow #FEE761 and dark blue replaced with yellow-orange #FEAE34
    • Character name label changed from “Gamougg HP” to “Optimus HP”

For some reason, on my second time fighting Senseinator Legweak in the video, I decided to combine the Transformers mod with some Demon Slayer elements just for fun in the video I had recorded. The video will be out soon, and it includes a Camera zoom tutorial for Flowlab!

Sprites to download for mod install

I made and took the character and block sprites from my own Transformers fangame. Pixel size 1, ENDEGSA 32 palette, G1 Transformers cartoon designs. All the weapon and weapon effect sprites were custom-made for this mod, with the axes and axe block effects being drawn using the original Taile Gamougg: Emerald Warrior sprites as bases, and the axe slash effect being drawn from scratch.


Optimus Prime
img_asset_16577374 (1)
Bumblebee (may need to alter physics)


Energon Axe

Energon Axe
image (8)
Energon Axe slash
image (10)
Energon Axe block
image (9)

Demon Slayer Energon Axe

Energon Axe (Nichirin sword)
image (5)
Energon Axe (Nichirin sword) slash
image (6)
Energon Axe (Nichirin sword) block
image (7)


Cybertronian block
image (4)

My Transformers fangame, which the sprites came from: Flowlab Game Creator - Transformers: Flowlab Laser (WIP)
For search results: Taile Gamougg Optimus Prime mod

You can CUSTOMIZE and SAVE your CUSTOM CHARACTER now! :star_struck: :crossed_swords:

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Should the Oilflayer (new stronger sword) have…
  • 2 sets of 9 weapon skins
  • Epic animations based on its lore (fire, water, oil, gas, etc.)
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