Taile Gamougg: Emerald Warrior remake Update Log (OPEN BETA)

“Everyone may know him, but not everyone will know how to unlock him.”

- Sun Tzu

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Vimeo link for people whose school blocks Discord


So the poll was about sword animations, and the animations i showed in the video were defend/block particle animations. Whoops. I just keep making one mistake after another, but that’s just part of life. Anyway, I started working on the actual animations for the sword itself just now; they should be done by today.

Also I’ll close the poll soon and this game is an indirect prequel to Gamougg 1.

“Is it too late now to say sorry?”
(don’t blame me they played that in my class lol)

Now in open beta! :upside_down_face: Come and play with the new chains and lamps courtesy of grazer’s Durian update launching today! :smiling_face:

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Updates Jan.15-19 2024

  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t jump on/off spike hazards
  • Added 2nd “being” enemy (still have to do the animations and add the armor though)
WIP sprite

  • Made the level 1 platforming easier
  • Buffed sup3r87 (NOT with muscles!)
  • Camera now zooms out instead of in when using a finisher (Back Ease)
  • Fixed bug with level 3 not taking you to level 4 after completing
  • Added stone block
  • Partially fixed bug where the level 2 boss’ sword only attacks in one direction (will attempt to fix again later)
  • Added new animated backgrounds (using a variety of ease types) in level 3

Coming soon

  • Game trailer
  • More bosses
  • Full story
  • Horse emporium

Added Samurai Dash, a new gamemode where you run really, really, fast. The whole gamemode exists just because I was listening to Escape from the City while working on this game, lol