Taile Gamougg X Is Out NOW!

It features:

  • 12 Levels
  • Lots of bosses
  • 6 Weapons
  • Endless mode
  • Skins
  • Just general good gameplay

Go play it… NOW!!!

oh also sidenote, if you like the game please submit it to be featured, i’ve spent a lot of time on it

@Hong_Jooni_Pooni @nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time @BradenS @John_Shrekinson @JUSTPLAINOP @AceOfClubs @eee_team @extrez @Coreplex @CodeAlpaca


Nice, I cant play it now :pensive:, but how do I submit it, I wasn’t aware that that was a thing


What. This is a game topic about Gamougg, and the first few posts are about your game. Stop. Make your own topic, and do NOT reply to this. This ends here. Pug, I’ll play the game tmrw


This Game is way too difficult for a noob like me, in the second level, theres a stage where I just insta die. Fun game though, definitely deserves a showcase


me to XD XD

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Thanks for 10 likes on the topic! It means a lot to me!


also, it’s funny how 10 likes is a lot on the forums lol, really shows the size of the community


(i deleted this post becuse it was of topic)

not made by me btw

oh and also, i don’t want another person’s games on my itch.io

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You probably deleted more posts then anyone on here.
(Sorry, off topic)

Puttin’ it on the Gamougg website now while the game is loading

This is gonna be epic

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Can I have a skin for this game? I have a species of Vironian that is humanoid. It would work quite well with this game.

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i mean, yeah, just send me the sprite and i’ll adapt it to this game’s artstyle, what should the skin be called?

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Just call it Vironian for now. The name of the Vironian I’ll be drawing is Obsidian. You used 2 Pixels and a 2 by 1 sprite for the player skins.

What is the outline color for the skins?

000000, also make sure to use the pico 32 pallete and make the outline 2 pixels thick

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Noted. Only the outline has to be 2.

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no, just no, please don’t use mixels also, i’m pretty sure you didn’t understand, everything is size 2, but the outline is 2 outlines on top of each other

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Two layers?