Takao uni: world of spirits (flowlab psychological horror game)

gameplay and world design inspired yumi niki, and a art style inspired by blandus

in takao uni you play as a nobody: a lost soul in the world of spirits, this game will have no combat, and wont have to much dialogue, most gameplay will be exploring the many many strange yet serene worlds. the game will have much focus on eviorment and atmosphere as well as environmental story telling.

please fill out the following polls

  • i would like to help on takao uni
  • i would not like to help on takao uni
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  • im intrested
  • im not intrested
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  • ping me
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thank you!

if you have any questions feel free to ask! thanks again, -dwgamemaster


Challenge: meme a Flowlab game before anything is even shown

takao uni world of spirits flowlab meme willem dafoe gif template

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takao uni world of spirits willem dafoe flowlab meme

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Okay jhon your on the team :+1:

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@paisleypug @DoSomeFINforSharks @ARRTY @117JOJO work on the player sprite will begin once i get out of school today


Player sprite dropping soon, im looking for someone to design the map/environmental art (i will do all the character

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@tectonic324 @BeesyBee
Are any of you intrested in doing world design?


@DoSomeFINforSharks @DeadlyGumChewer @ARRTY @nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time @BeesyBee @JUSTPLAINOP

Player sprite dropping real soon!

By the way, should takayo uni have some psychological horror elements?

  • Yes
  • No
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(And @117JOJO @John_Shrekinson if the psychological horror elements work out im gonna put you incharge of the scares and stuff, a few of the scares could be random, other would be secrets the player could accidentally discover, like how in yumi niki if you go into this persons house a flick the lightswitch a ton a monster will appear locking uou in the house with the monster, and if you interact with it youll be sent to this blood barren world



(I am saying this because Omori is a game with psychological horror elements.)


I say it will take more elements from yumi niki, witch was a big inspiration for omori


I thought Omori’s dev decided not to play any games for a couple of years in order to make Omori completely original


Yeah but I heard Yumi Nikki was an inspiration for something. I kind of forgot the whole story with Omori and OMOCAT.


Wait forget what I said originally I actually believe Yumi Nikki was like one of those inspirations that started the development of the game for OMOCAT.


Day tree of takao uni

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Sorry no major updates/content has been announced, im still trying to assemble a team, plus i have school, my apologies

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Okay the votes are in, physiological horror elements will be worked into takao uni

As well of this if you have any ideas for takao uni, let me now on this topic

Thanks again, dwgamemaster


By world design do you mean like doing the pixel art for it or what?


He probably means either worldbuilding or level designing I think.

worldbuilding definition

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I would love to do worldbuilding lol as long as I don’t have to do the pixel art for it.


:joy: same lol

(Instead of typing the usual “< wiwebvoiwbvo >” thing to meet the 20 character minimum, I will make this post more productive and useful to the topic/conversation by adding relevant memes based on the game. (lol this explanation exceeded the 20 char minimum already))

large moving images

takao uni world of spirits (game by dwgamemaster) GIF meme by john shrekinson

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Thats what i mean

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