Tales Of The Undead (Online Multiplayer Zombie Shooter)

Ik yall are seeing alot o game devlogs from me but me and @edwardi are making a zombie game, kinda like call of duty. but there are 2 stories.

Map Name: Origin Infinite
Characters: in the Revelation Storyline
Final Boss: Butcher X

Description: An intrepid quartet faces off against varieties of the evil undead to extricate the world from a dreadful fate.

Map Name: Ancient Evil (finished)
Characters: in the Chaos Storyline
Scarlett (Almost Finished)
Final Boss: Zombie Warlord and Evil Pegasus

Description: 4 fearless voyagers take waves of the undead head-on in search of Scarlett’s father and the truth behind the zombies.

Ooh, that sounds pretty cool. I know its currently just a concept, but I would like to see this. I know I’m already apart of many of your projects, but if you need any help you can ask me.

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thanks, and i have so many ideas on games sry if im all over the place.

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and this is a online multiplayer game.

you want me to add him

did you get my pm’s @edwardi

could we play it :neutral_face:

its not finished yet. i finished one map but the characters and code arent finished

Oh man but could i see the progresss?

sure and tell me what you think, its really not finished

I saw stella from one of your games she is in this one to?

yes she is, stella is one of the 4 in the zombie game, thats where i got her from.

Nice anyways there is nothing to add at all so its pretty much great!!!

thanks and go to the level origin infinite and tell me if you like the cover.

i saw it already and its awsome may i do pixel fan art?

sure, if you want (20202020)

ok thanks and also when will it be playable?

i would say maybe next month, ill post the official release date. and its online multiplayer so that would make it take longer than a normal game.

Oh ok is there a way to be invited to the dev team as a coder