Tamer. A new RPG that can SAVE.

I’ve been working on Tamer for a while now. Although, I’ve wondered how could I save my progress in the game? Well now you can, with a nice saving system Iv’e put together for in game save. Here’s a DEMO of the game, with saving. All you have to do is get to the save stone. Walk up to it and press the S key to get your save code. Then in the Load Menu, use the up and down keys to input a number and left and right keys to select a different number input and press ENTER to confirm. Get the first save code, refresh the page, go to the Load Menu and input your code!

The link is below.


very cool!

it didnt work

confused what I’m suposed to do for the 0s

I believe that would be possible but it would be a VERY long code though :l I wish games had a cookies option… also that would work for my game. (beta) but great graphics :smiley: I hope that there might be a way to add that. :l

yeah i would like that too, game still has glitches. Thanks for the graphics, made them myself, except for the house interior. Now if only i could learn how to draw a character sideways…

:stuck_out_tongue: well I have horrible graphics. Though a good game. Here’s a link
or on my website
Also so what are you going to do? (in the game) Mine is just the story of my comic character :stuck_out_tongue:

mine is going to be kinda of a pokemon, legend of zeldaish blend where the objective is gathering great pets and having a grand adventure.