Target and Shoot At Player

I make a mini drone that shoots at players and tells other enemies attack more intense in some certain areas, but I don’t know how to let those drones actually shoot at the right angle with the x,y value of the player. How to fix it guy?

I have no clue on most of what you said, but I’m assuming that you’re having trouble with the drone not aiming at the player.

I’m not sure if the drone actually points to the player or just uses his position to fire projectiles towards, but here is a quick example I put together that should help.

You can still use the Point at behavior which usually allows an object to point and face a specific area using the X and Y coordinates, but you can disable the sprite rotation, so the object won’t spin. The output will take the angle needed between the Drone object and the player and you can use that to determine the emit behaviors angle. The number is to represent whatever trigger you have that makes the drone shoot, such as a random behavior or timer.

Got it man, now you can play the game with more annoying enemy at stage 2-3:)

I’m currently working on a project of mine at the moment, but if you could send the link to the game then I’ll find some time to check it out.

Flowlab Game Creator - Cosmic Rift 2: Are We Home Yet? [Paused Update for Testing] here buddy, thanks for support my game.