Teleportation problems

I am trying to make a roguelike game. A big part to roguelikes is the randomized rooms. To recreate this, I am planning to make the player teleport to different areas using the position function. I am testing out the teleportation where I meet my problem. Whenever the player collides with the ‘teleporter’ it teleports to -1,-1.

Game: Flowlab Game Creator - New Game


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ummm idk what to tell you man im used to actual code behavior bocks kinda confuse me I can maybe call in some big flowlabians for you idk if it will help tho @JR01 @CodeAlpaca

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Try using the pixel size instead of the grid spaces.


Either change the position behavior to use grid by clicking the block,
or multiply the values by A*32-16 to get the pixel placement.

Right now it’s set to pixel placement (by default) of -15,15 which is roughly -1,1 on the grid.
(the grid is 32 pixels wide btw)


Yes, I normally use the block grid. If -15, 15 set’s you to -1, 1 then it likely has to do with the position behavior.