Teleporters how to make?

How do i make a teleporter that will teleport but you still in same level

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Can you explain a little more about what you want? And you will probably use the position behavior.

Use the Position behavior to move the character where you want in the level.

Look at level 5:

take the screen coordinates that you find by hovering the mouse over a tile in the editor. Using the “position” block from the “properties”. Insert the x and y coordinates into number values leading into the screen into “x” and “y”, and make sure to tick “use grid”. To teleport, have an input enter the “in” of the numbers

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there a eazy way JR_01?

Or somebody let me copy and paste the code?

For JR_01’s example, you only need the 3 behaviors on the right (the two random behaviors and the position behavior). You will need to add a trigger (what activates the teleportation) that goes into the new inputs of the random behaviors.


Ok i could use this for TDC!!!

I’m only using 2 different behaviors, and its for random teleporting.

2020.11.04-11.13 (2)

Also I updated the teleportation level to separate the movement and animation.


oh and its off topic buts its funny here

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