Temporary breaks - Minor Announcement

Hey guys, most of you probably notice how I take chunks of time off, and don’t edit my games or reply to the forums for a week or so. Well, I’m always busy with my job and family, or money issues like bills or whatever. I try to pop in and help at least once or twice a week if I can, but I won’t be working on my games again for maybe a month or so. The economy is just terrible, and my paycheck is a joke, so I’m once again putting my free time into finding yet another job. I’m happy to see some of the other members lending a helping hand, as grazer and I are unable to always be around. I originally joined and decided to help him out, since I gotten used to the engine, but now I’m busy too, but hey, that’s life, right? Don’t worry though, because if you notice, I just replied to I think 14 questions, and I will still stick around to help people. People like muddyapples and even some of the newer members from this year have gotten the hang of Flowlab, and if you are nice to them, maybe they will help you out. :wink:

Best of luck to you all in your projects, I’ll see you guys whenever whenever.
-=- Mhx Air

Hi Mhx,

Thanks for the heads-up. It’s a roller coaster out there at the minute, hope you get a few lucky breaks so you can get back developing!

Thanks for getting stuck into the replies today. Any major head scratchers I’ll fire you and Grazer an email.

All the best.


Best of luck with the job search, that’s always a hassle :confused:

I’ll be around, I won’t just stop helping people, unless I decided that I no longer had an interest in game design, and yeah right, I love games :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks grazer, the job hunt is hard, most places only give employees 2-3 days a week, and usually under 10 hours a week as well. You need 3 jobs to even make 30 hours a week.

I’d put more time into Flowlab if it had Android support. I was looking at all these other sites that support Android, Facebook, and iOS, but they charge about $200+ for premium. I traded in my old phone for a new Android Volt. The old company had their prices almost triple, so I got out of that mess. Now I have a sleek new big screen Android phone, and nothing on it yet.

You can sell apps on the app store and make money that way!

I could, true, or do like Flappy bird did. Make a free addicting game with ads and make up to $50,000 a day. I could use the money to make merchandise like Angry Birds did, and make YouTube cartoons. Eventually I could use the money to get a development team to make console games.

Thanks for all of your help! Best of luck in your job search!

Thx for the advice, and good luck on the job hunt. I understand how you feel, since I’m in the same predicament. It’s really tough working a lowly Messenger job all day for little pay while at the same time trying to learn how to program/design Games. Takes alot of energy.