Test Levels

I think there should be testing levels for free users, but they can only be loaded in the editor. I think it would help people test things without using levels used for playing.

I’m not too sure what your asking here,
everyone can look at other games and see how they are made, even to test / mess around their games without making actual changes.

Are you asking to load pre-made examples to test around with?.. or that you can undo changes made to the game like loading a save point in an auto-save log?? Maybe a 4th game slot that can’t save used for testing???

Grazer has many example everyone can test around with, even I have plenty of examples and test that can greatly help. Although having a page list for just example/test games would be neat.

Its a testing level for free users that can’t be loaded with behaviors.

can’t be loaded with behaviors?

The level isn’t able to load by the “next level” behavior. Making it editor only.

How would just having an editor help?
You wouldn’t really be able to play test what you’ve done in the editor then…

I mean that it can’t be loaded when using a share URL. Annotation 2019-11-08 140820