Text behavior goes like 100200300400500

is there a way for the text behavior to work like the score does?

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Do you mean to just store your score in a global and set the value of a label with the global?..

something like this

You could set a global with that value.

Then connect the output of the global to the labels value.

can i have a screenshot please

what kind of global value do i need at least

Well, you pick the number. Name the global what you want (doesn’t matter).

Do once >>> get >>> (the value you want to have) >>> out >>> set (on the global), make sure the global is named.

can i get a a screenshot please


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That’s not funny.

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i ment the screenshot of the code in the game editor

It kind of is funny :upside_down_face:

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I didn’t know that’s what you meant…