Text Behavior RTL Languages

pretty straight forward, i’d really like to see the text behavior supporting right to left languages
like arabic. I haven’t tested other languages like japanese, so maybe they aren’t supported aswell.

Arabic is already working for the alert behavior.

Would help out so much for language games, which is a future project i’d like to create.
Can maybe someone point it out on discord? I haven’t joined it yet


when you refresh or close the tab it will be replaced my question? marks?


thanks for pointing that out, alert is also broken. BUT as far as my knowledge goes,
supporting rtl languages is usually a pretty easy fix. Dunno about flowlab thoe :slight_smile:


@grazer hi and sorry for the @, but i saw in the bar request that you update the labels behaviors soon,
maybe you can also include a right-to-left language fix. They are not supported atm and show nothing or questionmarks.

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Hey @MoneyPenny - the issue is not just RTL languages (although you are correct that there is no RTL support), it’s more than that.

The issue is that labels are rendered using textures (not fonts) for performance reasons. The bitmap textures used to render labels currently only include a subset of Latin glyphs, not even all of ASCII is included.

It’s possible that more glyph sets can be supported in the future, for fonts that support it.

Once support for other glyphs is added, then it would be possible to start adding support for unicode/RTL languages.

This is a really big project though, so to be completely honest I’m not sure when it will make it onto the roadmap :frowning:


thank you for your response. no worries…i guess…anticipation is half the fun :slight_smile:


For now you might have to upload an Arabic font as a sprite to use as letters or something to form text