Text input for Alpha slider

This is probably just another cosmetic idea for the sprite editor. I wasn’t sure if this was ever requested or not, but I figured I could say something on it. I was having to use a lot of transparent pixels on sprites to add reflections. I usually use the alpha scale to have equally separated transparency so I can have a smoother fade instead of smooth for a couple of pixels and then abruptly changes.

Like I said, this isn’t much of an absolute need, but it would be very helpful to be able to input the number you want instead of fidgeting with the slider for a few minutes, trying to get the number you want. Most users probably use other websites to create smoother fades for transparency, but sometimes I like to have everything in one place.

@grazer could this be a possible feature for maybe a future update? If it’s possible. I know it could probably bug out by adding values less than 0 or maybe larger than 100, but I feel it would be quite easier for making transparent sprites, especially for those who prefer to make it as perfect and neat as possible.

I don’t mind if this gets just glanced over and ignored, but I feel it would be a helpful addition for the sprite editor and make things a little easier to use.


Yes please add a text input to every thing that uses sliders bro. This crap reminds me of this lol

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