Text lists being reset

So basically everything sends a signal to this one text list to make it simpler, but for whatever reason unless the text list finishes the entire description, it will keep that message as the text it uses.

It’s in my Text Battle object.

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Yeah, it needs to be interruptable or have a reset input.

So is there a way to fix it? Or should I return to separate labels?

I would use a label and split it by letters which goes in a new list. Then you would use a counter to get each letter in the list.

Grazer has this issue on a trello I think, so maybe within a few updates this will be easier.

So after I have the counter, how do I reset the list?

By setting an empty list to that list

(remember to order copy first!)

Only when you use the green wire that it will update both lists, an empty list usually works for resets.

So i’m super lost, do you have an example of this?

Make another list and have it stay empty, use this empty list to reset lists that you need to be cleared.

I’m using a “Text list each” and that is the problem, it seems to store the last input until it’s finished, I’ve tried to empty it, but it stays the same.

Yeah, text list each needs an update to be reset.

I thought you were going over this idea to use a list instead to output each character.