Thank You

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I just wanted to say thank you to all of the major developers that decided to help me. In case you don’t know, we are creating a collab project called Clash of the Devs. We hope to release it soon! You can try the game here.
With this, I want to ask if anyone else wants to join. We won’t just make it open invite, but if you request, I will research you on the forum and most likely accept you.
Please, accept my highest respect and thanks:
@“The Kodex”

You are very kind @meburningslime

Thank You and you’re very welcome! Always happy to help as much as I can!


Glad to help


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Thanks for adding me anyway, @meburningslime! I know I couldn’t contribute a whole lot, so I’m honoured to have my name there anyway lol

@LippyDippy You weren’t on flowlab when I started this.