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hi i think this program is so nice but the pixels that animation is hard

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Hello @Yara_Ahmed, welcome to the community.

Pixel-art and animating it is very complicated and takes a lot of skill.
If you want any art done, I take requests Here.


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Thanks i love python

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Its not that complicated :neutral_face:

Unfortunately this is a no code game engine. No scripting required.

Making it look any good takes skill.

rezargs flide: :pensive:

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Pixel art can be complicated if you aren’t familiar with it. It took me years to learn proper lighting and other methods to produce somewhat decent visuals. It may come easy to some people, but for those who juggle game design, art, and coding, sometimes it takes longer to master just one of those.

It just takes a lot of practice for one to develop their own style and it’s definitely not a skill someone can just learn overnight.


I agree! It took me half of my time in Flowlab as a whole to get good at pixel-art! I bet if I didn’t join Flowlab 4 years ago I would’ve never been good at pixel art.


Meh. Alr.

Who said it doesn’t?

You did.

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Uhh no I didn’t? I said it wasn’t that complicated. “Making it look any good takes skill”.

This is off topic. If anyone wants to continue this conversation further, please head to the OTC.

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