Thanksgiving update 10/25: Mostly bug fixes

I just deployed a new update that contains mostly bug fixes:

  • Static/non-movable objects used to shift or jitter when touched if they contained an animation or certain other behaviors. This has been fixed.
  • "Delete All" button now removes the object's UI elements correctly.
  • Animation output links now highlight correctly when running game from a behavior window.

One new feature added:

There is a new checkbox setting for animations: “Stay on last frame when done”. When selected, the animation will not revert back to the main sprite when it completes. This is useful for chaining animations together without flickering between them, or to have objects that never show the main sprite at all.

@grazer i noticed when playing starblast 2, the ship trail object appears in the top left corner of the bullet board (0,0 i believe) when the player moves. But the trail apparently moves back into place behind the player like it should be. What causes this? And how could it be fixed?

GOD! that new feature THXS so much!! …

Thats awesome!

Hey, there is an issue with update that I’m working on that most likely is causing this. It should be fixed shortly.

@grazer, actually it seems that the update broke pacifism mode. The astroid spawns once and thats the end of it…

Ok, it should be fixed now, let me know if you see any other anomalies like this.

@grazer you never fixed that issue in pacifism

Thanks grazer. And hope you had a good thanksgiving :slight_smile:

@jngthree - I just played Pacifism mode in Starblast 2, and I’m not sure I understand the issue. I did find and fix a problem with emitters that was unrelated to this update, but could have been causing problems, but I don’t see any asteroids. Is the issue still occurring?


Yeah. The astroid spawner object ( has a purple square sprite) should change position every 10 seconds and spawn an astroid and send it to the left on the bullet board.

Nice update! Really like the new feature :slight_smile:

I replaced the timer and it started working fine. What happened!?!

Suggestion: make behaviors able to be dragged into behavior bundles again please :smiley: