Thanksgiving weekend update

A small update this weekend:

  • More convenient delete to go with the better clone -> mouse over an object and hit the delete key
  • A few bug fixes: no more duplicated clones, thanks Mhx :slight_smile:
  • A Minor change to behavior dragging
  • Minor tweak to behavior link spline paths

Yay!I’ve been having a lot of issues with the cloning,but it seems like they’ve been fixed!

Glad to see it’s working now. That was messing up everything.

Thank goodness

there still many bugs…

There still will be. Fixing a bug always creates new bugs. There’s no such thing as a perfect product. As long as flowlab is a beta, there will be bugs.

Hey Sata, if you find a bug and can post how to reproduce it - that would be a huge help!

Behavior dragging and connecting don’t work for me. When I click on the behavior and want to drag it, it will just stay there and won’t move. Same with connecting the behaviors. When I loaded an older game though, it worked without any problem. So I think it doesn’t work because of this update.

Spline paths. What is that?

Juch - can you start a new thread and post a link to the game that’s not working for you?

Ah, I solved the problem already. It didn’t work because I had more tabs open at the same time and it was probably only some kind of weird lag.