THAT ONE CAVE (Rogue-Like)

Me and my friend I met this summer decided to make a game called, THAT ONE CAVE.

It’s not a horror game (from what it looks). It’s actually a Rogue-Like about a miner named Dave and his story. There’s a lot of lore me and my friend made.

(The game isn’t actually playable yet :frowning: )


I forgot to mention that I introduced my friend to flowlab. I’ll be a coder and partially an artist. My friend will be entirely an artist since he has no flow-experience


The story of the game me and deadly are making is actually deeper because when deadly mentioned that this is dave’s story he actually meant that Dave was telling God how he died and all the way you play the game is how Dave’s story goes


Me and 2DS we’re trying to find a way to make randomly generated rooms, but then 2DS tried out A Knight With A Gun by @Kasamir and we figured out how kasamir made the randomly generated rooms with teleporters. So now me and 2DS are using the method kasamir used. We don’t know if kasamir is ok with this though. But if they are, thanks. (2DS wanted to say A Knight With A Gun is one of his favorite flowlab games now)

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I am fine with it. I hope you good luck on your game.

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Though my teleporting system is fully random, and is made by an unexperienced developer. It will take a few tweaks here and there for most customization.

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If you guys need any help with juicy ness, add me to the team and I’ll start cooking(maybe not for the next 2 weeks though since I will be travelling)